Saturday, January 1, 2011

Instructions for a Candlelight Walk

Below is a summary, not a transcription, of the instructions my religious leader gave my congregation before we departed for our evening candle light walk around town on Christmas Eve. How do yours compare?

Its important for you to stay in a line. This is not the time to go shopping, or run home to get something you forgot. We’ll decide whether we form one or two lines once we get outside. Make sure you stay in line; don’t try to make neighbors. Hold your candles, and guard your flames. Sing the songs instructed by our songs leaders. Follow any other instructions given by the line leaders. Make sure you stay in your lines.

As most of you probably know, there was a chakka jam (strike) earlier today. As a big group, walking around, and marching, we’re likely to draw some attention. If we’re approached by the police, do not break line and run away. Simply tell them that we’re hear to declare the birth of Jesus, we are peaceably marching, we are not protesting anything. If they drag us the rhokne tau (jail) in Jawalekhel, so be it—we’ll just sit there for the night.

Ok, everyone understand? Any questions? No? Ok, go line up outside!